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Dealer of the Month Profile - North Shore Vacuum & Appliance

Wincor Inc. – September 2008

Our Dealer of the Month for September is North Shore Vacuum and Appliance, with two locations in Massachusetts. For this article, we spoke with fourth generation owner, Wayne Simonelli.

How do you promote business?

"Word of mouth, local advertising, and direct mail. We have been in the area since 1934, so many people know about the store. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, so our customers come back time and time again."

What do you like about TORNADOPOWER® Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths?

I like that they detect a problem if there is one. For example: if there is a pin or nail that is stuck, the cloth won't go through but there is low suction and sometimes a whistle. We know where the obstruction is and can go in and service the vacuum and take care of the problem.

How has it helped your central vac business?

We have more repeat customers coming in to buy more. When they come in to buy TORNADOPOWER® we can also talk to them about other accessories (bags, etc.), or brand new items that we carry. Usually the customer is not up to date on new products and all the latest technology. How are sales?

Sales are steady, if not up. We are staying on top.

How do you pitch TORNADOPOWER® cloths in the retail setting?

I always talk to the customer and ask if they have a central vacuum. If so, I ask them how they maintain their system, how they clean the pipes and hoses. They usually say, 'I don't.' I then tell them about TORNADOPOWER®, and how this product cleans and tests your system and keeps it working well. I let them smell the cloth. I go through the process with them, telling them to empty the dirt receptacle, run a cloth through each inlet and if they do this every time they empty, a canister will last about a year.  If a customer doesn't want to buy them and says maybe next time, I always give them trial pack. Many times these customers have come back and bought the canister. If benefits all of us.

How do you sell TORNADOPOWER® cloths on service calls?

We have them stocked on our trucks. After the service call, we go back in with our clipboard to write up the sale. I ask them questions about their accessories and talk to them about new products and the benefits of maintaining their system. I then go get some items off the truck and grab TORNADOPOWER®.